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Covid-19: The tendency to relapse 'slowly

The coronavirus that spread panic in March last year came to Bangladesh; Although the vaccine has eased after a year, the growing trend of re-infection has raised new concerns.

Health experts say that there is a feeling of apathy among people, which is alarming. If you want to reduce the infection now, you have to follow the health rules as before.

The new coronavirus, which spread from China's Wuhan, caused an epidemic worldwide in early 2020. On March 7 of that year, the first Kovid-19 patient was identified in Bangladesh, whose full-year was Sunday.

Although the infection rate has increased rapidly since March, it has been declining over the past few months.

The detection rate is now below 5 percent, which the World Health Organization (WHO) considers a "controlled" condition.

The infection rate, which rose to 20 percent in the middle of last year, fell below 3 percent in February this year but rose to more than 4 percent in March's first week.

However, in the meantime, the mass vaccination of Covid-19 has started on February 8. About 35 lakh people have been vaccinated in a month.

The slowdown in infection and the slowdown in hygiene among people after the start of vaccination are now evident.

On March 6, 2020, the first three people in Bangladesh were diagnosed with a new coronavirus infection, the government said. One year later, on Sunday (March 8), the number of patients identified exceeded five and a half million, with 8,451 people dying so far.

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