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Stop Hunger 

The New Years Orgy is approaching and you have your guide to "How not to get blown up at dinner?" not yet received? No panic! The editorial team flies to your rescue!

No, but if one night we have the right to let go, it's Christmas Eve ... not to mention we've been dreaming about it for weeks!

Between the foie gras, the smoked salmon, and the 3-chocolate block, we can't say that our mother spared us on the diet. But before you regret it (and because it's not practical to unbutton your jeans in the middle of dinner), here's what time to stop eating before an overdose?


If we insist so much on taking our time and stopping eating as if our lives depended on it, it is because we must remember that satiety takes time, a lot of time before it reaches the brain.

While it would take us 10 minutes to swallow the turkey, mash, and piece of wood, it would take us between 15 and 20 minutes to send us a digestive disorder warning.


Yes, it may sound silly, but you need to know how to ask the right questions and most importantly, why you sometimes want to eat to empty your stomach. Because we're bored or depressed, the feeling of satiety won't have as much of an impact as hunger or gluttony in its purest form - oh the pretty donut!

We have also been hearing "Finish your plate!" Since we were little. Sometimes we forget that no, we don't have to, even out of courtesy. When we're no longer hungry, we are no longer hungry, and continuing to eat is the best way to mourn our extra pounds lying around in the middle of our gift wrap.

So what do we do 1, we use smaller portions, even if that means filling it several times (yes, we are greedy anyway!). 2, before we fill up, we ask ourselves whether we are still hungry or not. If the answer is no, we know what to do.


We know our body and its reactions better than anyone, so here are some signs to look out for:

- We reach the saturation of a certain food or a certain taste.

- the feeling of fullness that occurs when you are full and feeling well.

Some even say that you have to stop while you are still (a little) hungry.

So what are we going to eat tonight?

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